Active Projects

[Urban Panorama] — [transVRse 2.0] — [Creativity] — [Narrative Intelligence] — [Data Storytelling]

Urban Panorama is a collaborative project within the Visual Narrative Cluster across History, Art and Design, and Engineering. This project seeks to utilize computational tools (computer vision techniques and crowdsourced mobile applications) to gather data, study, and communicate street level urban change through annotation and comparison of historical and present-day images.



transVRse 2.0 is a camera control plugin for VR developers that features a modular set of camera operations (such as track, pan, zoom, dolly) that are programmable in the Unreal Visual Programming interface Blueprints. transVRse also includes a comprehensive set of debugging and visualization tools for recording gameplay parameters and visualizing them in VR for user testing and analytics.



Computational Creativity project seeks to formalize the notion of creativity through computational thinking. This is done through a formal model of generative systems through specification of their domain vocabulary, generative process(algorithm), and evaluation functions for generated space of artifacts.


EnronTopics AI systems that support human analysts to create data stories that are accessible to a variety of audiences is an important and challenging task. Drawing from years of research in automated story generation and comprehension, we are interested in developing authoring support tools for data storytelling.

[Analyst-centered Automated Report Generation]